Spam of the day

I, like many millions of others around the world get endless junk/spam emails. I have had my main personal email account for over 20 years now. I dread to think actually how long I’ve had it but that’s not the point. Because of this, I have accumulated a level of junk that is now really amusing. So I thought I’d do a ‘Spam of the day’ type post to hopefully amuse you too and it will give me a good reason to keep posting.

I will try to do one each day but this is really down to if my spam is any good or not to share.

So with that in mind, take a look at this gem:

Where do I start with Mr. Herbert and his assertation that I have $15.5m dollars coming to me?

They only need all my personal details after all and no doubt after that a “FEE” to release the funds from any future correspondence.

It’s not even personal…….. They literally send it to ‘Recipients’ for the attention of ‘Beneficiary’ of course it’s for me then.

Do you think I should send Mr. Herbert my personal details so he can open an account for me?

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