Stock delays

With PS5 stock delays and the volume of demand issues along with Covid-19 vaccine supplies struggling to meet demand; are we seeing a plateau of production within industry?

We develop elastic systems within cloud technology services to reach the most flexible of demanding usage changes, yet for manufacturing, scale and flexibility to meet vast demands is still an issue.

Is this just a logistics issue? Is it a core materials issue? Is it a staffing issue? We could look at numerous reasons as to why, despite the need or demand for a “thing” that there are still scaling problems.

Ironically we also have a strangely concerning yet funny struggle to also meet cardboard stock issues. Yes that’s right cardboard is a scarce commodity because of the massive increase in home deliveries and the low percentage of recycling that then happens after. Imagine that, running out of cardboard. Who would have guess it.

My question now is; learning what we have learned about technology and how to scale at pace, can we adapt manual production in the same way so that systems and machinery could be built to both manage current demand but also demand plus 1000% levels of scale?

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