Earthshot, and the need for innovation.

Not so recently announced the British Royal family and more specifically William And Kate talked about the Earthshot Prize or pledge.  This is a global prize to tackle climate issues, pledging “a decade of action to repair the Earth”.

Five winners will each receive the Earthshot Prize each year from 2021 to 2030.

The cash prize will be for individuals or organisations who come up with new solutions to existing environmental issues.

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While I’m all for these endeavors, I mean who isn’t right? This got me thinking as to what level artificial intelligence AI and big data can play in the bigger issues of today.

We have a plethora of data lakes and the ability to now gather meaning behind mathematical patterns at a level previously unheard of just some 10 years ago. I’ve already read about the use of AI in agriculture planning and the potential for growing crops more efficiently, but this is nothing new as forecasting rainfall and other developments have been around since the 1980’s or even earlier.

Biotechnology for me is the key here. Climate resilient plants and crops could be a major breakthrough and AI is at the forefront to these developments according to recent articles. We need to really plan ahead for the predicted 11 billion people that will walk the earth in less than 100 years according to some experts. Will there be enough food and water to sustain such populations. Personally I think there will be, it’s just a matter of what that actually means. There may not be as an abundant selection or choice for large numbers of the population.

Then there is the Earth itself. Energy production, climate interactions, waste and recycling, there are many aspects to where we need to put our minds. I just hope people embrace AI and the ability it has to make sense of the data we now gather.



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