Horizon – Facebook’s new VR venture

VR or Virtual Reality is still to this day a yo-yo hot and cold IT concept. There are those in VR development and ultra pro’s who live and breath the potential. Then there are those that sit in the camp that thinks even after all this time VR is still a gimmick.

person wearing vr goggles
Photo by Harsch Shivam on Pexels.com

We hear now that Facebook who acquired Oculus is looking to create a new VR world called Horizon.

Will this just be Facebook in a VR world? Full of adverts and people trying to tell you what film star you look like while farming all your personal data.

From the outset they say it is more focused on games and gaming despite the ability to hangout and chat in VR rooms with others. Details about Horizon and the early footage of the VR were shown off at Facebook’s Oculus Connect 6 developer conference earlier this week.

woman wearing white robe and black virtual reality headset
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com


The proposed design aspect does intrigue me a little though, apparently you will be able to build environments or places within the world yourself. However this just means big tech firms will soon snap up the dev monopoly very quickly, even getting early access to build things pre release so there is content I fear.

I also fear it will be another way to be exploited.

It’s not expected to be out for a good few years yet though, time will tell if it takes off. While I personally think there is a space for VR if done correctly, I do feel Horizon will simply be a Virtual Facebook trying to be Ernest Cline’s Oasis.

What do you think?


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