IT career burnout – When is the best time to work in IT?

We all get some form of workplace burnout at some point in our lives and the world of technology is no slouch in these high stakes. According to some, over 60% of employees who work in technology experience burnout at some time. Quite high in industry comparisons. Tech is ubiquitous with fast moving change, and with that expectation and performance goes hand in hand.

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Despite the cool, fashionable, trendy, on-fleek offices and working environments. Despite the work-life balance and extra holidays, sleep pods and bring your dog to work days,  technology is still stressful and can all sorts of mental health issues.

This got me thinking!

When is the best time to take up or start a career in IT?

There is a growing chain of thought which looks into our own personal growth map. The relationship between your own physical and mental strength and capability over time, against the degree to which we handle stress as we age. Is there a right time in your career to handle such a stressful job? or is it simply what and when it feels right for you.

The bell curve.



If we imagine age is the bottom axis or career timeline from the start of your journey on to retirement. The side axis is then the level of stress that we handle in life.

The rule would therefore state if true, that the best time to handle work related or stressful jobs is either at the start of our careers or near the end. People should then look into either front loading their job aspirations or planning for a late flourish. It’s understandable that we should grow into our careers and it’s an obvious progression to therefore gain later in life, but increasingly people are dropping out of IT in their mid 30’s to late 40’s because of burnout and leaving technology altogether.

Are there side-step pivots you can take? are there certain IT jobs to try mid life better than others so you don’t have to leave tech altogether. Are you better off front-loading in IT with a plan to then purposely leave mid 40’s into another career?

I’d love to hear peoples thoughts on this?

Is there a right time to work in IT?




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