The age of bloody good.

I bet your thinking, what on earth could that blog title be all about? Yeah I get it so let me explain a little. Like many things that get better over time or simply change over time. You tend not to notice the leaps that they make. But if you compare it from a larger timescale you can get a better viewpoint as to just how far it has come.

Recently I’ve been on a bit of a cinema glut and just how amazing a time we now live in for cgi and computer graphics. So I wanted to simply say a massive kudos to all the amazing workers out there who work in the various fields of movies, computer games etc etc who make our world now so fantastically vivid and bring to life the imaginations of the public.

Sometimes you just have to say thanks and give recognition to people that you think are not ‘just doing a job’ but instead make your life better even in just a simple way like entertainment.

Visual effects and graphic artists of all kinds take a bow.

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