Future tech choices.

Throughout my IT life you quickly come to realise the obvious statement that tech moves on fast. Probably more than any other sector to be fair.

So to keep up with everything that’s going you have to pick sides or avenues to follow. Developers pick a few languages to specialise in rather than knowing a little about all of them for example.

But how do you know what to follow and look into? Over my time I have specialised in a few areas that have quickly become useless in a couple of years. We all know the challenges don’t we? HD vs Blu-ray anyone? Mac vs PC, PlayStation vs Xbox, VHS vs Betamax. You get the point.

Always keeping abreast of changes and advancements is a tough call at times so are there any tips you may have to keep ahead of the game? Do you track jobs trends and go for learning the most advertised programming language for example? Or do you do the opposite and train to master the more niche languages hoping to bag a well paid job because nobody else can do it.

You can easily go down a road that leads you to feeling devolved and deskilled if you make the wrong choices. Do you stress about this or do you just accept that this it technology at its essence?

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