Slow Start, Busy Bee.

I guess many others will understand reading this especially those in IT but since the new year I’ve been none stop with my projects. Haven’t even got time to post the occasional blog.

With that in mind though, how do you best manage your workload through the day?

Now I don’t mean personal life and work balance etc . Purely work related. Are you a prioritiser vs time mapper ? The importance of the task against the due date. Are you a first in first out kind of player, so simply the first job on the notepad gets done first.

Maybe your what I call a timescale bandit, those that like to fire off the quick jobs first and leave the long tasks for last. I know a few that do this and while I can see the merits of quantity management it falls short in other areas.

So what do you do? Have you got any tips or preferred methods? Maybe you have a good story to tell, drop me a response below.

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