Tech is for life, not just for Christmas!

Haha, I know right! Where am I going with this old chestnut I hear you ask.

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One of the more popular gift items during the Christmas holidays is certainly technology. I don’t just mean laptops and consoles, this can be smart watches, mobile phones, radios and even general household electronics.  Whatever the technology, we usually end up with our old or no longer wanted last years tech filling up our drawers and cupboards.

In the spirit of passing-it-on, please take a moment to really think if your ever going to use or need your old tech. if you can sell it then sell it, let someone else get some use out of the device at a reasonable price. Not all of us are fortunate enough to be able to afford new gear so spare a thought for them and make a little cash along the way.

If not that, there are many very good charities and services who will take in donated technology and electrical equipment and put them to good use. A simple Google search will provide you with local or national charities and organisations near to you where you can drop off or post your unwanted technology to.

After all the spirit of Christmas is to give and be happy and I will be donating my old laptop and a smart watch this year so please think about what you need and make room for the new tech buy passing on your old this year.


Thanks and Happy Christmas!




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