Pokemon Go PVP

Yes that’s right, you’re favourite AR mobile game is really going there. PVP is coming soon apparently.

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Niantic have recently announced that there will be some form of PVP in Pokemon Go about to arrive. But is it going to be any good?

These new trainer battles will be a nice addition for some gamer’s, while others will recoil away in fear or just apathy to the change. whether your in it for the raids and PVP or just because you want to catch-em-all, the choice is yours. If you play the game that is.

Personally I do enjoy the odd long walk outside from time to time and having Pokemon Go has added another little piece of family time to partake in with my son that wasn’t there before. However I’m really not in it for the PVP myself. The idea of battling children is not something I’d get enjoyment out of but I can understand why others will be all over this in no time. That said, if some local kudos is at stake then I might have to slap down some cocky teens who invade my turf… *-gulp-* did I really just say that?

The computer controlled battles however do interest me a little. No harm in testing out my skills just in case they are needed at some point and potentially earn some rewards in the process.  Overall an interesting development that I’m optimistic about seeing how it develops.



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