Two-faced Companies & BS.

Is your company actually doing things? or are they just telling others that they are?

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Social media is great, I love it and it has many positive aspects about it.
Yet I have began to get annoyed at something that people/businesses do online especially in IT.
It’s not a new thing but more that it has recently started to boil my blood a little.
This self promotion and what I call ‘oversharing of false achievement’ is really getting to me and I don’t know if it is actually a problem or if it is my own sour grapes.

On a daily basis I see companies some of which I’ve work at or with over the years promote endless drivel about this and that.
Aren’t we great we talked to someone about IT today.
Look at us eating cakes, aren’t we a really cool company to work for.
Look at us we are engaging in the community and involving people.
Wow we won an award look at us isn’t this great.

I’m tired of it and I really don’t give a hoot about an award presentation that YOU paid for and only YOU were going to win anyway, it’s a non-award. I may as well present myself with a massive number 1 blogger of the year award it’s just as useless.

Companies spend loads of time now telling others and being aware of how they look to the outside world which is fine and it’s certainly nice to share things and increase your reputation. However when you know this is at the expense of actually doing work and delivering change it grinds on me a little. When you see people get awards and you know first hand that they are the worst at what they do and behind the scenes there is turmoil in the ranks is just two faced.

For decades I’ve see good intelligent people work their backsides off delivering actual work and delivering actual change to services and IT with no reward or recognition, and they don’t want any either. They just got on with their job and are happy to just do it. Nowadays its not about actually doing work 100% of your day, it’s about 40% of your day doing work and 60% talking about it and posing for pictures on social media and attending conferences telling others just how great your new intranet is.

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I don’t know about you but I’d prefer businesses to actually achieve things and give 100% behind the scenes rather than the above. Don’t get me wrong this just might be me being a bit grouchy but I can’t help how I feel on the subject.

Two-faced companies man they drive me nuts.

What do you think?

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