Has gaming really changed focus?

Hark I hear you cry, where for art thou Nintendo NES?

game cartridges
Photo by Kevin Bidwell on Pexels.com

No seriously, as a bit of a gamer myself I have noticed an increasing trend that used to be niche and cult-ish which has turned into more of a political standpoint or statement of cool. The rise of the yesteryear games console and games. I lived through this era so I can appreciate just how amazing it was but there seems to be a bit of a youth revolution going on today where I think we (the old folk) have somehow accidentally got through to the generation of today explaining how games were about the game-play and story not just graphics and sound.

With this in mind however, these trends can start to focus developers thoughts a bit. Are we going to see a more simpler yet story driven focus to future games development? Now that we have cracked the near perfect and life like graphics with immersive sound will we shift again and yet somewhat backwards step to look at the way we play in the first place.

Pac-Man, Tettris, Pong and all the rest have graphics and music which were nothing to write home about but they just worked.  *_Imagine online multiplayer 3D Pac-Man?-* no wait just a side thought there don’t listen to me.

In all seriousness where can gaming go to from now on if not back to it’s roots a little. We’ve mastered the online multiplayer world and the almost pinnacles of sight and sound. I guess it should be AR and VR to a degree but not all of us want to live in the ‘Ready Player One’ world just yet.

This group of youngsters with their cool swagger and strange beards might just make a difference after all.

I need a hug.

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