Fake likes, news & followers – is anything real?

Following on from the news that Instagram is killing off fake generating bots, and apps that aid a users growth artificially. Can we really believe what we are writing/blogging/tweeting and instagramming is really reaching the audience we want and that the notification we get are true?

abstract board game bundle business
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Facebook alone has stated that they have removed over 754 million fake user accounts in the last quarter. But can you really stop it and what are the real implications?

Nobody genuinely believes in the amount of friends or likes a person gets is true at a personal level, but implications on earning potential from business and advertisers could be hit hard. So understanding the reason why they exist must be a part of the solution surely? Do advertisers play a role in this cleanup of fake accounts?

I know if I were going to pay a social media influencer to advertise my product or service, I’d want to be sure they were real and worth paying for to begin with.

Should we be bothered ultimately anyway? what harm are they really doing?

As you can tell this subject conflicts me somewhat and i’d like to know your views.

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