Is Performance Management just legal sacking?

It’s a subject that I’d imagine will divide opinion somewhat, however, it’s a subject that needs discussion none the less.

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Long gone (I think) are the times where staff just got sacked for no reason. Correct action ensued and the workplace has become a far better place. There are in some companies a procedure or policy to help develop their staff if they are not achieving their potential, or what the company needs them to achieve. However this very procedure/policy is being used to help remove undesirable staff. It’s important to note that undesirable staff in relation to the business or a manager could be anything from your face not fitting to financial issues and just needing to get rid of people to help profits without redundancy payments. I use it in the loosest terms imaginable.

I’ve heard of many cases where people are doing their job perfectly well only to be placed on performance management agendas where they can’t win, even though they are set and agreed as a target.

It’s an older article now but I loved the one written by Kaye Wiggins in March 2017 discussion this subject and explains the lengths they go to. <Read Here>

So I ask the question.
Is Performance Management just legal sacking?

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