What colour are you?

Recently I have taken a work related colour personality test. You may know them as psychometric tests.

pen writing notes studying
Photo by Tookapic on Pexels.com

If you are not familiar with such things, the one I took was a range of 20 questions where you have to tick your first and second choice out of 4 adjective word options for each question that best describes you.
These answers are then graded from an answer sheet and the two sections that you most fall into are then your personality colour or traits.
Incidentally I am green & blue which I feel matches me pretty well to be fair.


These tests have been around for quite some time in one form or another and strangely I do enjoy doing them purely from a curiosity aspect.
While my results came out quite well I think, I do fear that if companies actually use these for more than just a fun curiosity but instead actually judge their staff on what it then says about them. We tred a fine line indeed especially when you take into account that true psychopaths would potentially have the acute ability to respond in a fake-news way in a bid to manage the results rather than respond fairly.

This response theory could in fact do more harm than good especially if companies take them too literally when judging existing or potential new staff.

So if you like to have a fun play about with them that OK, otherwise it could bite you in the backside.

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