Brexit Brexit Brexit

Now that I have your attention, it’s time to give you some FREE money.

Oh, wait, no, that’s my rich email prince who needs a UK bank account to move his money to and I get 20% of it if I pay an upfront fee.

abundance bank banking banknotes
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Speaking of money though I’m finding it more and more difficult to understand just how certain businesses manage their assets. If I said you can spend X Capex now with Y Opex every year and this will return X + 1 due to savings and efficiencies with Y – 1 comparator to current Opex you might think well that sounds good. Spend X and get X + 1 back, currently spending Y but now it will be Y – 1 ongoing.

WIN WIN surely?

Oh but no the finance department won’t sign it off because the initial X is too much even though we can afford it. Bonkers truly bonkers. Do finance departments enjoy saying no purely to annoy IT departments?

I understand that finance is required to sign off on IT spending and do all the book balancing and such activities but do they not have to also have a responsibility to do strategic planning and risk management to help a business grow?

I guess I’ll just have to ask my email prince to fund a new office printer for now.







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