Lunch is for wimps!

“Lunch? Aw, you gotta be kidding. Lunch is for wimps.” – Gordon Gekko (Wall Street,1987)

photo of person holding burger
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A classic line from the 80’s film and a reverberated phrase which iconified the late 80’s and early 90’s where silly amounts of hard work over your own health and wellbeing was turned into a framework for success.
Yes thankfully in most cases this is now long gone but has the shift flip-flopped too far.

Do we need more self control in our lives?
In my working world I see people regularly eating on the go, in meetings and on conference calls. Stuffing canteen sandwiches and warm salads into their mouths as quickly as they can to continue their working lunch.
Admirable as this is, we need to find a better way to manage our time. I appreciate this wont work for everyone in all cases but I personally pre-book my lunch hour every day in my diary and specifically take time out to do it properly.
The amount of times i’ve had to reject meetings because people don’t look at your diary properly in Outlook is an initial anxiety but once they realise that they can never book your time they soon catch on and you can then enjoy your legally allowed break.

Lunch is for wimps is definitely over but be careful not to replace it with ‘lunch is what happens during meetings’
Any other business anyone?

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