Prepare for change

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If you EVER get to thinking that a life in IT is for you then you must be prepared to accept and embrace change. If you can’t, then IT is really not for you. If you want a job that you can learn and become an expert at then do the same thing for 30 years then look elsewhere.

I don’t just mean the obvious technology changes and adoption but more the roles and skills within IT that shift/adjust over time.

In my experience to date, my role has changed so many times it’s difficult to quantify. From simple changes in learning new programming languages to changes in roles and responsibilities or changes in methodologies and approaches. What I do now is a thousand miles away from where I started in IT. I have years of knowledge in languages which are no longer used and now out-of-date/defunct practices where once were valued, now simply a footnote in meetings to what used to happen.

Accepting change and a willingness to continuously learn throughout your career is a key component if you want to pursue a career in tech.


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